• Started the Disc Golf Team at Liberty University in 2010
  • Coached the Winning Second Flight Champions in Collegiate Disc Golf in 2014 


Peaks View Park - 1998, 2016 Re-design
Lynchburg, VA
Falling Creek Park - 2008
Bedford, VA
Liberty East Campus Course - 2010
Lynchburg, VA
Liberty University Camp Hydaway Course
Lynchburg, VA

2 Private 9 Hole courses - 2014/2015
Bedford, VA
Loucon Camp - 2015
Leitchfield, KY
Sandusky Park (In Progress)
Lynchburg, VA

"When I think about designing a disc golf course, the first thing that comes to mind is finding something so unique about the course’s property, that I want to highlight that feature and have people experience the same flair and excitement I have when out in creation. I think design has been a basic passion of mine since my early years of designing and building mountain bike and hiking trails all throughout Central Virginia. 

A disc golf course is so much more rewarding though, due to the nature of the game. Designing a great course can create a passion within the player, finding that same joy I have and it begins to spread like wild fire. When I first started designing, I think the basic profile of the course was shaped to build strengths into my own game - fairways were created to build up my own weaknesses and over time as a coach, the blueprint became more about challenging the struggles others face. My goal to close out a course though, has always been to incorporate a few amazing closing holes, where the players are craving and wanting more."