• Founder/Owner of Elite Brothers Disc Golf, a company that runs 9 events, provides course design, and provides an online registration platform.
  • Highest rated player in New Mexico
  • 13 career MPO wins

"My favorite thing about course design is bringing the sport of disc golf to a space where it can exist in a symbiotic relationship with the environment around it.  I also love the diversity of terrain that the sport can thrive in.  I have designed courses both on exceptionally manicured golf courses, as well as ski areas over 11,000 ft on extremely rough terrain.  They both provide the challenges, albeit different, that make disc golf such an amazing game.  With disc golf course design opposed to ball golf course design, you let the land  manipulate your design, rather than manipulating the land to suit your needs.  This makes disc golf a great, non invasive, environmentally friendly recreational opportunity for anyone looking to expand their recreational options in their area."