• 8x Singles PDGA World Champion
  • 1995 Disc Golf Hall of Fame inductee
  • Competed in all 35 PDGA Disc Golf World Championships

"My favorite thing about course design is turning a raw, unused piece of property, into a manicured, can't wait to play it disc golf course.

My initial inspiration was that of a disc golf pioneer. Creating more courses would allow more people to discover disc golf. Even though that thought is still true, my current inspiration is creating a course that requires a variety of shots to score well. A teaching course. A course that will make players better just by playing it.

Every piece of property has its own set of distinguishing features. My goal as a designer is to know every inch of the property, frontwards and backwards, and to elaborate the best features. If I can create a balance of direction (left, right, and straight) elevation (up, down and flat) and foliage density, and keep the 'fair' in fairway, then I feel like I did my job as a designer."